Top 5 Android phones in 2017

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

2017 is the year that iPhone celebrates its 10th birthday, we don’t know anything for sure, but there are rumors that the new iPhone will be something new, different in the design from all the previous iPhones. There are some other things that have caught many people’s interest, and that is the new laser technology for facial recognition. Also, an important thing to mention that the new iPhone 8 will very likely have wireless charging.

Galaxy 8 PlusSamsung Galaxy 8, Galaxy 8 Plus

There is not a lot of information about the new Samsung Galaxy 8 smartphone, but we heard that they would use an advanced technology that could enhance even more the speed and the performance of the phone. We also heard that they would use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset, a 4k display with the edge styled screen.


According to some rumors we are only less than a half year away from the launch of the LG G6. That means that the phone should be fully designed by now. With the new LG G6, they are aiming to tackle their biggest competitor the Samsung. Rumors also say that it will be waterproof, extremely reliable and it will have the option of wireless charging.

HTC 11

HTC 11When it comes to information about the HTC 11, things are not quite clear; they left everyone in the dark. We can just guess what will they bring in 2017 with the new HTC 11. Their previous model the HTC 10 was a huge step for the HTC. They came with the iconic design, great audio quality. Knowing that everyone is looking forward to finding out what HTC has to offer for the future.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung confirmed that they would launch the Galaxy Note 8, despite the Note 7 failure. As we know, they don’t want to give up on their most popular phones that easily. The new Note 8 will be safer, better and more innovative. Some rumors say the display of the Note 8 will get a massive boost, so it is very likely to have a 4k display. That way the phone will be more suitable for VR experience.

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