What is shareware technology

Shareware software is the kind of technology that is distributed free, but users can use it for just a limited time. If they want to continue using it, they must buy the software. When you buy a shareware software, you are eligible to use it as long as you want. In some cases, by the term shareware, they mean that if free and you can use it for as long as you want, but the software has limited functionality, and it requires payment or registration to get the full version of it. There are various types of shareware here is some of them.


Adware stands for “ Advertising-supported Software .“ It’s a kind of software that automatically share advertisements in order to generate money for its developer. The advertisements are usually found in the installation process or in the user interface of the software. Shareware often comes with Adware in a package; you are presented with some sort or requirements you need to agree to be able to install the software.


This means that the software is just a demonstration version. There are two types of demoware the so-called crippleware and trialware. The difference between those two is that crippleware means that some vital features of the program are disabled until you buy the whole version and the trialware has a limited time the user can use it after the time runs out he won’t be able to use it until he pays.


This type of shareware is more like a freeware software because you get to use the software fully without any payment. There is an option to donate money to the programmer or to the owner of that software. Usually, there is not a minimal amount of money you need to donate it is left to the user to decide how much will he donate.



Nagware is a type of shareware that is programmed to annoy the user into paying for the license. For example, if you open up the application it will pop out a message that will have certain links attached so you can buy the license more easily. The messages can usually be closed immediately after they popped out, but sometimes the message will stay on user screen for a period forcing the user to wait for it to disappear.

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