Must have tech gadgets for home

If you are looking to make your home smarter by adding some clever little gadgets, don’t look further. You will find here every gadget that you need to make your home smarter.

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug

With the Wemo mini smart plug, you can control anything that is powered in your home. This smart plug allows you to turn on and off electronics from far away. To work all you need is to have Wi-Fi connection in your home and you are ready to go. You are controlling the electronics with your phone or tablet. You need to plug the Wemo into the outlet, then plug your electronics into the smart plug then by using the Wemo app you can control those electronics.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Moen Smart Shower

If you thing controlling your shower was easy, you probably haven’t tried out the Smart Shower. This shower technology allows you to customize the temperature of the water. You need just a Wi-Fi and your phone to be able to control it. You can save your setting for the future, so you don’t have to adjust the temperature every time you want to take a shower. Also using this app, you can turn off and on the shower. If you dream of having a modern home this is something you must have.

The Arlo Baby Smart Monitor

Monitoring your baby while she sleeps has never been easier. With the Arlo Baby Smart monitor, you get a real-time view of your baby with the 1080p HD camera. This device is not just a camera; it can play lullabies to your baby, it has built-in sensors that will notify you if the baby is crying and also a sensor to monitor the air quality. The recharge time is very fast; the design is made so you can choose from 3 different covers to make it less like a surveillance device.

The Arlo Baby Smart Monitor

Braava Jet Robotic Mop by iRobot

If you are tired of cleaning your floors and want to put minimal effort into it, consider trying out the braava jet robotic mop. It does the job just like you would, the floors will be shining after you try it. Extremely easy to use pour some water in it, put it on the floor and press play the mop will get to work instantly. The battery life is more than enough to clean 100 square feet.

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