The top 5 apps for tracking your mortgage

Gaining control of the home finance process is something you can nowadays do with your phone. All you need to do is to find the right app for you that have all the options that you need and download it on your phone. Easy as that you can use it immediately after you installed the app. You won’t have to bother a realtor anymore; it will take all that pressure away.

Mortgage Calculator & Rates

This app was developed by Zillow. The app offers a variety of calculators to help you figure out easier what you are able to afford and plus offers live, customized mortgage rates. In some of those calculators, you can even include a mortgage payment. Using the mortgage rate comparison, you will be able to see your monthly payments, APR and even see your fees. This app is made to be very user-friendly, should be easy for everyone to use it without any problems.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Mortgage Payment CalculatorThis app is a payment tracking app, which helps new homeowners get a dynamic view of their home loans. There is a lot of different things you can put into the calculator to get a better and more accurate estimate. You can enter your home purchase price, interest rate, down payment amount, the cost of the insurance, rate of the property taxes, loan term and many other expenses and fees. Each one of those can be changed in case there are some changes in taxes or insurance cost.

L1 Mortgages

This is a very simple but also a very precise app that can show your monthly payment for a mortgage loan. It was developed by LUCALUNO. This is a graphical application meaning that it will show you a graph of the mortgage. It offers a clear vision on the balance of your mortgage. You can use it to calculate various saving and monthly payments by percentage.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortgage Loan CalculatorThis application provides you an easy way to calculate the monthly payment, the loan, mortgage term, the maximum loan/mortgage amount you can afford and the ideal interest rate for you. On the app store, it has one of the best ratings out of all the other mortgage apps.

My Mortgage Freedom Date

Using this app, you can find out automatically how much could you save by moving to a cheaper home loan. Also, it calculates the mortgage interest rate. It has a date slider which allows you to see what repayments are necessary.

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