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If you have internet access, consider yourself lucky because to this day more than half of the world’s population is cut off without internet access. Bringing the internet to those people can be hard, a lot of them live in a hard to reach areas where normal internet service is a no go. Google came up with the idea in 2008 to get a contract with Space Data Corp., but it did not work out.


As years got by, Google decided to stick to the plan and they designed giant balloons that were supposed to float in the stratosphere and provide internet access in some remote areas worldwide. They were maneuvered by changing the altitude in the stratosphere, and they were using the wind to get the desired speed. If someone wanted to the global internet though the balloon they had to have special internet antennas secured on their buildings. Balloons got their signal from other balloons that were connected to the ground station which provided them with an internet connection. The main goal of Project Loon is to provide internet access in hard to reach areas and also to improve the connection if some natural disaster occurs. The leader of this project is Mike Cassidy, but there are other people involved like the chief technical architect Rich DeVaul, networking and telecommunication expert Cyrus Behroozi.

Technology they are using

Technology they are usingThe Project Loon is run by CXOON and their mission is to deploy balloons that can operate at high altitude such as the stratosphere. That means the balloons need to be floating in altitudes around 20 and 25 km. Such altitude is required because between 20 and 25 km the wind speed is relatively low somewhere around 10 to 30 km/h with almost no turbulence what so ever. They are claiming they can control it by simply adjusting the altitude of the balloon. To do that they need to adjust the density of the helium inside the balloon. CXOON also said they would be using different materials combined to make the balloons such as flexible latex or rubber materials. They have done many tests by now, but the first man ever to connect to the balloon internet was a farmer from New Zealand. To that day, he was using a satellite connection which was extremally expensive. With this technology, people around the world will be able to use the internet without having to pay a large amount of money for satellite internet services.


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