About Android malware

Android malware is a malicious software that attacks mobile phones with the Android operating system. They are designed to collapse the system, delete or leak confidential information from the smartphone. Android phones became more and more popular and ensured the security of them became more difficult. When you buy an Android phone, it is usually very secure, and you don’t need to add any protection to it. If you are using the android play store to download your apps and other content you don’t need to worry about any malware attacks. But if you download apps directly from an internet browser you are opening up to various malware attacks. To ensure your security while browsing the web, there are some antivirus apps you can install on your phone from the Google play store. That way you are minimalizing the chance of getting malware on your phone.

Well known malware’s


An Android malware, more specific a Trojan. It gets inside the phone by hiding in some apps, and the purpose of Gingermaster is to install some application packages in the background. Then it creates services that are stealing information from the phone.


Also a Trojan that targets Android phones. When executed this Trojan gets root privileges and that way it can install files that later allows him to delete information from the phone or to send files to a remote server.

Well known malware's


The first malware that has successfully infected the Google Play store. It has infected Android users in 13 different countries. The purpose of this malware was to collect information about installed apps and Android packages.


Was a combination of various malware software that was targeting the Android phones. It was discovered at the end 2015 by a security company called Lookout. At the time, it has infected around 20.000 devices, and it was spreading rapidly. In the mid of 2016, it has affected more than 10 million devices. The purpose of this malware was to repackage different apps such as Facebook, Candy Crush, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat. The apps continue working but the malware cause it to release a third party app that once downloaded it started generating revenue. Some rumors say it was around $2 per installation. The affected users could not get rid of the malware by antivirus; the only way was to re-flash the ROM.

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